• Digital Slit Lamp SL550L

    THOROUGH EXAMINATION High quality optical system offers wide field of view and qualitative images. 5 drum steps magnifications allow clear observation of finest details. Light-tilting feature combined with numerous slit adjustments and filter options provide flexibility in viewing different structures of the eye. Integrated yellow filter and background illumination provide optimal examination conditions.

  • Fundus Camera

    Introduction With its wide field of vision and high resolution sensor, Retina 400 is the ideal solution for high-quality retinal imaging. It benefits from a software with automated operations, for faster and more effective analysis. This flexible and user-friendly non-mydriatic retinal camera can be adapted to all types of practice set-up and will ensure the…

  • Manual Phoropter

    Introduction The MPH 100 manual refractor is an all-inclusive instrument for those who look for an efficient solution for their refraction room.

  • Motorized Phoropter

    Introduction The APH 400 is an automatic refractor that integrates seamlessly into your existing refraction environment to speed examination and streamline workflow. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this user-friendly solution will help transform the patient experience and enhance your expertise in the refraction room.

  • Mr Blue 2.0

    Introduction Mr. Blue is on the cutting edge of innovation – serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch.Now featuring a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before, Mr. Blue 2.0 is the perfect solution for: Working with cutting edge technology, Differentiating your offerings, Optimizing your edging process.

  • Mr Blue 2.0

    MR BLUETM GOES FURTHER WITH EXCLUSIVE FEATURES FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Generate additional revenues through an alternative to both prescription sunwear and unsatisfactory clip-on sets.

  • Mr Orange

    A perfectly balanced concentrate of energies. More integrated functions such as optical tracing and management of base 9 in all finishes. More perfect results due to optimum balance between performance and execution time. More precision in adjustment of your jobs through absolute control of the lens/frame pair. More simplicity due to intuitive navigation and latest…

  • M’eye Fit Mirror

    Introduction Thanks to its compact design and its 30° tilting screen, M’eye Fit Mirror is adapted to all dispensing tables. Plugged to your computer the mirror is immediately operational. The intuitive software will easily guide you through the different steps of measurement.

  • Nautilus

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  • Neksia

    A TOUCH OF EFFICIENCY The 8.4-inch color touch-screen display makes navigation a breeze. And you can select the icon-based functions quickly and easily with just the touch of a finger. FAST-ACCESS SETTINGS With all job settings located conveniently on the centering part of the system, you can define your finishing settings quickly and launch edging…

  • OCT NX 700

    FAST AND INTUITIVE OCT-A IMAGING A high-tech yet easy-to-use solution designed for the diagnostic needs of today’s modern ophthalmic practice. Combined with OCT imagery, the angiography module of the OCT NXTM700 enables precise analysis of the retina’s vasculature and different layers for fast and accurate results with minimal patient fatigue.

  • ProE600

    EDGE AHEAD WITHOUT COMPROMISE Are you managing high volumes and looking to move your productivity up a gear? Essilor has designed an innovative high-volume edger that offers compactness and productivity, without any compromise.Pro-ETM 600 edger combines top-end precision and versatility with robustness and speed.It offers an easy and cost-effective integration into any lab configuration.