• AKR 300

    THOROUGH EXAMINATION Integrated periphery keratometry measurement for contact lens fitting. Cornea diameter, pupil & hard contact lens easy measurement. Instant access & display of last 10 measurements stored in memory. Assistant measurement function.

  • AKR 400

    Introduction The AKR 400 combines modern aesthetics and smart features for easy and reliable measurements. SMART GUN-TYPE JOYSTICK Smart gun-type joystick for better grip feeling. Embedded ergonomic knob for both vertical alignment and shooting.

  • AKR550

    HIGH QUALITY MEASUREMENTS High measurement accuracy, even on small pupils. Guided alignment and auto-shoot : once focus is done, measurement starts automatically. Automatic pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions. Tilting and swiveling screen to operate both in seated and standing positions.

  • AKR750

    FULL AUTO KERATO REFRACTOMETER One-touch button measuring process for both eyes High measurement accuracy, even on small diameter pupils to deliver precise data whatever the exam conditions Wide range of measurements : PK with eccentricity, pupil size Unique “scanning window” with smooth and silent movement to create comfortable and stress-free exam atmosphere Large 7’’5 tilting…

  • ALM 500 / ALM 700

    GREEN LIGHT FOR PINPOINT PRECISION The ALM 500 and ALM 700 use a green light beam* that reduces measurement drift due to light deviation by the lens. Both measure all materials precisely and independently of the ABBE number. EXTENDED MEASURING CAPACITIES The ALM lensmeters measure all types of lenses and contact lenses, including class 4…

  • Automatic Phoropter

    A SMOOTHER WORKFLOW Easy data transfer from AKR or lensmeter to streamline the flow of refraction data. One centralized screen to control phoroptor and vision tests in a smooth workflow. Automated functions and customizable protocols to optimize your personal test requirements Save and compare prescriptions in 2 clicks only.

  • Chart Projector CS200

    Introduction With its 41 charts and LED illumination system, the CS 200 is a comprehensive and compact chart projector designed to provide long lasting performance.

  • Chart Screen CS600

    Introduction A large LCD screen which adapts to all refraction rooms.Its design and great possibilities of customisation, are highly appreciated.

  • Cornea 550

    streamlined contact lens fitting process Precise evaluation of the corneal surface and wide variety of graphic presentations. Rapid and easy selection of the best lens thanks to fluorescein image simulation and integrated database which includes lenses from 27 brands. Dynamic and static capture of the pupil reaction according to light conditions (scotopic, photopic, mesopic).

  • CS550

    HIGH QUALITY VISUAL ASSESSMENT Over 100 kinds of general and special charts. Over 100 kinds of general and special charts. Over 100 kinds of general and special charts. Optotypes randomisation and reversible tests for mirroded room. 2 types of progression available : A type or B type.

  • Delta2

    PROFIT FROM A COMPACT, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SYSTEM THAT COVERS ALL THE ESSENTIALS Has all necessary functions for tracing, centering, blocking and edging Traces all types of lenses including demo lenses, re-cut lenses and patterns - irrespective of the lens color and the lens power Centers and blocks all kind of corrective lenses including re-cut lenses Edges…

  • Digital Slit Lamp SL500L

    THOROUGH EXAMINATION High quality optical system offers wide field of view and qualitative images. 5 drum steps magnifications allow clear observation of finest details. Numerous slit adjustments and filter options provide flexibility in viewing different structures of the eye. Integrated yellow filter and background illumination provide optimal examination conditions.